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With more than decade of Productivity & Performance Coaching experience Jean-Jacques has helped countless Individuals, Families, Organizations, Small Business Owners, Investors, and Solopreneurs realize and tap on their Maximum Potential.


"My on the job training and practical business acumen comes from working at Night Clubs, Trade Shows,  Boutique Optical Shops, Real Estate Offices, Call Centers (Boiler Rooms), Warehouses, Privately Owned Gyms, Construction, & Social Services.  Working in these fields gave me an opportunity to learn how to manage and operate different facets of businesses from the inside out.

It's also where I discovered my ability to help people help themselves through accountability."  

Shortly after graduating college Jean-Jacques embarked on his journey in the Non-profit sector where he provided Individual and Group Coaching as well as oversaw services provided to the Developmentally Challenged population. He later worked as a Subcontractor with the City of New York’s Human Resource Administration where he provided Individual and Group Coaching to both clients and staff through Strategic Planning and Outcome Driven Initiatives. 

For three of his six years in the Non-profit space Jean-Jacques also worked as a  Real Estate Salesperson in New York City's volatile housing market.

He later resigned from his full-time position as a Subcontractor for New York City’s HRA to pursue Real Estate sales full time.

As a Realtor Jean-Jacques provided Individual and Group Coaching to homeowners facing pre-foreclosure and individual coaching to Investors, Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs, etc. 

“While most Realtors saw pre-foreclosures as a waste of time, I saw it as an opportunity to build relationships with Property Owners and Investors. 

I coached my property owners to visualize their goals and their dreams by removing the limitations they placed on themselves and I helped my Investors identify and purchase income producing properties that would pay a high yield over a designated period of time."

Jean-Jacques has since helped countless homeowners eliminate their personal debt by creating Effective and Practical Action Plans to sell their homes for market value and has helped countless Investors build their portfolios. 

As a Productivity & Performance Coach I have worked with individuals and groups on opposite sides of the spectrum from the Under serviced to the Affluent and from Investors and Small Business Owners to Solopreneurs & Freelancers. What I’ve found is that we have all placed some kind of limitation on ourselves which stops us from tapping into our Maximum Potential. A Limited Mindset is what stops us from CREATING the reality we REALLY want for ourselves. As your Productivity & Performance Coach, I not only help you remove the limitations you've place on your self and your business, I also help you tap into your TRUE potential to CREATE the Life and the Business you were really meant to have.


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